The Canadian Physiotherapy Association is extremely proud and honoured to celebrate our 100th Anniversary in 2020. This milestone is an incredible achievement and one we owe to those practicing, advocating for, and driving the profession forward with us, side by side, now and over the past century.

Our members over the past 100 years, now and in the future, are a critical part of the health care system and we plan to use our 100th anniversary to demonstrate that Physiotherapy Moves the Needle, Moves our Patients, and Moves Canada.

In 2020, we will be celebrating the role physiotherapy plays in the country, recognizing our members and highlighting the advancements we’ve seen in the profession in the past 100 years.



Join us in celebrating the 100th Anniversary with many key initiatives, including:

Congress 2020 will be the flagship event of the 100th Anniversary celebration featuring:

  1. Lobby Day on Parliament Hill
  2. Division-specific content streams
  3. Notable keynote speakers
  4. A 100th Anniversary Gala with all proceeds benefitting the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada

March 24, 2020 marks our precise 100th Anniversary and will include:

  1. Kick off of 100 Days of Giveaways for CPA members
  2. Stay tuned for:
    1. 100th Anniversary Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada Grant announcement
    2. 100th Anniversary Medals of Distinction announcement

Other initiatives:

  1. Physiotherapy Moves campaign – share what you move in physiotherapy!
  2. 100 Years of Physiotherapy – take a peek through the archives with the CPA
  3. 100th Anniversary edition of the Membership Survey
  4. Exclusive offers and promotions for our members in our 100th year


It wouldn’t be the kick-off of a 100th Anniversary celebration without a gift! January’s 100th Anniversary offer is courtesy of our friends as SportChek – stay tuned for your email for up to 70% off at SportChek stores starting January 11.

Thank you for all you do for the profession, and join us this year, in celebrating our centenary!