This year, the “Did you know?” campaign for National Physiotherapy Month revolved around five themes:

  1. Direct Access

  2. Concussion/Return to Play

  3. Sport

  4. Women’s Health

  5. Seniors’ Heath


Promotion through a combination of techniques such as themed posters, social media posts, sales of powered by physio merchandise, Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada donations, and a social media profile picture frame generated extension reach.

A total of 24 tweets, 25 Facebook posts, and 22 LinkedIn posts were posted on the CPA channels. Posts were offered in English and French. Social media posts began with “did you know,” and were then followed by an informative fact and a corresponding link to a blogpost.

From - All About the Clicks!


English total clicks

French total clicks

Direct Access*



Women’s Health



Seniors’ Health






Concussion/return to play*




AdWords Campaign Activity

Because of attention generated through social media, the seniors’ health theme received 243 clicks, the women’s health theme received 942 clicks, the concussion theme received 555 clicks, direct access received 94 clicks and the sport theme received 361 clicks. There was a total of 14,580 views on during NPM.

We also created social media profile picture frames for CPA members and the public to raise awareness that physio can help.

In total, 875 Facebook and Twitter users showed their followers that they were ‘powered by physio’ for an estimated 35,550 impressions.

Our frame also received attention on a global scale when it was shared by Emma Stokes, President of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.

The frames continue to make impressions beyond the month of May as the physiotherapy community is proud to share their professional pride.

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Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada

The PFC fundraising goal for NPM was $4500, however this was surpassed within the first couple of weeks. At the end of NPM, the goal was surpassed once more, with a total of $6,561 raised for PFC.

Details about PFC donations during NPM are as follows:

  • A total of 44 clicks on the PFC e-store was recognized during May
  • At the national office, CPA staff demonstrated their physio spirit each Friday by wearing their “Powered by Physio” shirts
  • At a CPA staff lunch to celebrate NPM, a total of $155 was raised


Sponsor Recognition

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous sponsors, BMS Group and Performance Health. Their support was a valuable asset in promoting the value of physiotherapy to the public during NPM.




We thank branches, divisions and all members who supported NPM 2018 by sharing our posters, social media, and holding your own events!