EDUCATION SESSIONS should address topics of clinical/practical relevance that are evidence-informed. Sessions related to clinical best practice, knowledge mobilization, innovative projects, education initiatives, and advancing the profession are encouraged. Sessions incorporating active engagement of the participants are highly encouraged.

  1. Panel discussion (30, 60, 90 minutes)

Panels should include a minimum of two and a maximum of four presenters addressing a common issue or topic from different perspectives followed by an interactive discussion.  Each panel must also provide a moderator.

  1. Presentation (30, 60, 90 minutes)

Your presentation should have a coherent structure and a clearly stated purpose.  It should provide descriptive information, including necessary contextual detail and report on research findings, evaluation results, lessons learned and best or promising practices.

  1. Workshop (30, 60, 90 minutes)

Workshops are to share knowledge and experience or develop a specific skill in an interactive environment. Room is set up with round tables which allow for small group discussions.

RESEARCH ABSTRACTS must be related to original research studies (clinical, quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods, basic science, translational), research syntheses (e.g. systematic reviews, scoping reviews, critical reviews), and other research designs (e.g. single-case and case-series experimental design). Submissions for either podium presentations or poster presentations are invited. *Priority will be given to research that is already completed, however abstracts for studies with preliminary data analysis will be considered.

  1. Poster presentations

Static presentations in which information is summarized using brief written statements and graphic materials, such as photographs, charts, graphs, and/or diagrams.  Poster presenters will be assigned a specific date and time when they must be personally available for discussion with participants.

  1.  Rapid Fire presentations (5 minutes):

Presentations that are designed to allow for a succinct overview of research purpose and methodology to a seated audience, often accompanied by a brief slide deck summarizing data presented.  Audience is invited to poster session to learn about results and conclusion. Presentation length is 5 minutes/5 slides.

  1. Podium presentation (10 minutes):

Oral presentations to a seated audience, often accompanied by a brief slide deck summarizing data presented. Presentation length is 8 minutes plus 2 minutes to answer audience questions.

Important please note: Podium and poster presentations are considered by the Division Program Committee (DPC) to be of equal standing and judged by the same criteria. Whilst presenters may indicate their preferred format of presentation, podium, poster or either, the DPC will assign abstracts to sessions. There is more space in the program for posters than podium presentations. Where abstracts requesting a podium presentation have passed the review process and there isn’t room for them, presenters will be offered a poster presentation, where there is more space and plenty of opportunity to interact with delegates. The decision of what format to assign to any abstract rests with the Division Program Committee.

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