Congress 2021 Presentations

See below all the presentation available on demand from Congress 2021.

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Day 1

  1. CPA Congress 2021 – Opening Ceremony (Elder Welcome & President's Opening Address) EN + FR
  2. Opening Keynote Presentation - Two-Spirit Resilience: The James Makokis Story with Dr. James Makokis EN + FR
  3. Clinical Audit to Clinical Pearls - Sparking Critical Thinking and Changing Practice
  4. Experiential Account and Lessons Learned From the Locally-Led Rehabilitation Response to the 2019 Nepal Windstorm Disaster
  5. Going Back for More: Tips and Tricks for Those Considering or Currently Pursuing Graduate Studies – Panel
  6. The Never-Ending Birth - Postpartum Patterns of the Bony Pelvis, Clinical Implications, and Solutions
  7. Use of Virtual Reality in Pain Management - Is It Snake Oil or Promising?
  8. Understanding the Experience of Pain in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis - Insights and Implications for Clinical Practice
  9. Where Do Core Professional Values Fit in Practice? A Panel Discussion

Day 2

  1. Keynote – Dr Gigi Osler EN + FR
  2. Addressing Barriers of Tele-Rehabilitation
  3. Podium Presentation Block 1 + 2

Day 3

  1. Keynote – Enid Graham Panel Discussion EN + FR
  2. Biopsychosocial Influences on Movement Quality in Low Back Pain - It Can be Disabling!
  3. The Communication Co-Efficient of Treatment Outcomes: A Fireside Chat
  4. Introduction to Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  5. Ensuring Equitable Access to Physiotherapy: Current Conditions and Possible Strategies - Panel
  6. Meeting the Needs of Cancer Survivors - The Development and Outcomes of the Physiotherapy Cancer Rehabilitation Program
  7. Exploring Weight Stigma in Physiotherapy: A Multi-Method Session
  8. Severe Atelectasis Following Total Hip Replacement surgery - A Case for Novel Combined Modalities
  9. Patient Education is Physiotherapy
  10. CPA Congress 2021 Gala

Day 4

  1. Keynote Presentation with Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier
  2. Embedding Neuroscience Into Your Physiotherapy Practice
  3. The Significance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Health Care Setting
  4. Electrophysical Agents: Reviewing the Past, Examining the Present, and Critically Positioning for the Future
  5. Bringing the 'Self' Into Physiotherapy Practice - We Can't Talk Therapeutic Alliance Without Knowing Ourselves
  6. Closing Keynote Presentation - Stories of the Visible and Invisible: A 100-Year History of Movement with Stephanie Lurch