Focusing on Bringing Together the Community of Physiotherapists Who Practise Acupuncture & Dry Needling

This year, the Acupuncture Division has been focusing on bringing together the community of physiotherapists who practise acupuncture and dry needling across Canada through the Division. Part of this involves reassessing the name of our Division – some physiotherapists who practise dry needling don’t identify as “practising acupuncture” and we would like them to feel part of the Division too.

We have also reduced our membership fee to $10 this year to help our current members during this difficult time and to reduce the barriers to other CPA members joining our Division.

Educational Opportunities Update

We will continue to make providing educational opportunities for our members a priority, even though this will likely not involve in-person activities for the foreseeable future.

Welcome to Our New Student Representative!

We have recently welcomed Taylor Durham as our new first-year Student Representative.

Available Executive Committee Positions

We are looking for the following positions to join our Executive Committee to help us achieve our goals:

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Social Media Coordinator

To apply for one of these positions, please send an email to