The support that PFC receives from our valued corporate sponsors is critical in helping PFC achieve its mission of funding physiotherapy research and education in Canada.

PFC sponsors will receive one of three digital badges, below, to use on their website, ads, e-mails, and social media channels to show their dedication to clients and partners. These badges are shared annually to sponsors, aligning with their contribution towards physiotherapy research and education:


Major sponsors have contributed more than $10,000 in 2019.


Proud sponsors have contributed between $2,000 and $10,000 in 2019.


Proud supporters have contributed up to $2,000 in 2019.


When CPA members were asked in a 2018 survey if they would be more likely to purchase a product or service over another if they knew the organization donates to PFC, 62% said yes.  Display your PFC digital badge on your company’s corporate responsibility page to show your dedication to supporting physiotherapy research and education.


If you are interested in becoming a corporate PFC sponsor, please send an e-mail to