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Melissa Anderson, PT

Welcome to the third edition of #30REPS! We launched this biennial project back in 2015, with 30 blog articles on the topic of strength training.  Our second edition, in 2017, saw 30 blog posts on issues of fraud, abuse and waste in health care.  Both campaigns were extremely successful in terms of readership, engagement, and starting important conversations within the profession. The 2017 campaign was even recognized by the Canadian Society for Association Executives with an Award of Distinction in member education and communication.

While both campaigns were extremely well received, we did receive some feedback.  Some members felt that 30 days was too long for an awareness and education campaign.  Many felt they received too many e-mails, while others thought that some of the content was negative. We have taken your feedback into consideration when planning #30REPS 2019.

The first big change this year is instead of a blog post a day for an entire month, we have broken #30REPS into 3 sets of 10. Each month, during February, March and April, we will post a set of 10 blog posts on a different topic. This will hopefully prevent the fatigue and inbox inundation that was reported in previous years.

As many of you know, CPA is gearing up for its 100th anniversary in 2020. For this reason, we have decided to focus on current, past and future work of the association in three main areas: Advocacy, Professional Practice, and Advancement. As a whole, the content will show that CPA is truly the vital partner for the profession as we lead, advocate and inspire excellence and innovation. We hope these stories will demonstrate the good work our divisions, branches, assemblies and national office are doing on behalf of the profession and inspire you to get (or stay) involved in your association.

We invite you to read each set of 10 blog posts (10 in February, 10 in March, and 10 in April) and join the conversation by adding to the comments section. We are very interested in any historical information or comments that you might have, which will assist us in telling our 100th anniversary story in 2020.


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