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Michael T. Brennan


In order to understand our place in the grand scheme of things, sometimes we need a little push. As important as it is to have routine in life, it is equally essential to think about the big picture. To take a step back, think about where we will be five years down the road and consider: “what is the best way to get from here to there? How is my world changing, and what do I need to do about it?” Looking beyond the regular routine is what makes us human: observation, insight and adaptation.


Even though it might be the right thing to do, change doesn’t always happen as fast as it should. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. For example, we can say with confidence that our#futureiselectronic. However, one of the reasons I’d argue that all physiotherapists haven’t jumped on board with electronic Outcome Measures (eOM) is that learning and adapting is stressful. That is why we are all part of this community we call CPA.


We are stronger when we’re together. When we “plant our trees” as a team, we’ll be thankful in 20 years – even five years– that we were leaders who adapted and inspired others to change. But in order to get started, sometimes we need that little push, and we can always use the support of friends and colleagues.


Political upheaval worldwide, health system changes at home, new governments, regulatory shifts and rehab science discoveries: as physiotherapy professionals you face seemingly constant pressure to adapt, while serving patients who expect you to heal and be a haven from the chaos outside the clinic.


CPA hopefully provides members with the same support. We are here to help you adapt, while giving you a safe place to slow down, learn and connect colleagues on the same journey. To that end, we are calling 2015 “The Year of Positive Disruption”.


In January, we hit the snow running with FOTO, the future of outcome measures. We continued to push the envelope at Congress. We exposed you to different ways of learning and the idea that you can accomplish amazing things when you think outside the box.


In late summer, we partnered with Physiopedia Plus, enabling physiotherapists from around the world to learn and collaborate together.  There was more disruptive change in the fall, during the Federal Election, when CPA shared why #PTsVote – and with health care in mind.


Throughout our year, we kept your needs front and centre. We developed info sheets, more engaged professional development, and provided you with valuable resources. Our overall goal was to help you be a better physiotherapist or physiotherapist assistant by encouraging you to question why you do what you do.


Next year will be different. The seniors’ population continues to grow. Now is the time to look forward and plan for how physiotherapy can help.  For that reason, 2016 will be the year of Seniors’ Health. Look for ongoing themes in our PhysioCanHelp public-facing site, shoPTalkblog and at Congress.


Thank you for a “disruptive” year – we look forward to many more with you.


-Michael T. Brennan