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Janelle Unger

Can we improve reactive balance for people with incomplete spinal cord injuries?

This is the question we are asking at the Lyndhurst Centre, part of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network.

People with incomplete spinal cord injuries experience a high number of falls each year. Good balance is important for fall prevention - especially the reactive component of balance, which is needed when something unexpected happens, like a slip or being bumped into.

Our study looks at a new balance training program for people with incomplete spinal cord injuries that specifically targets reactive balance. Through this research we will have a better understanding of how we as physiotherapists can work with our patients to improve their balance and prevent falls.

Janelle would like to thank all the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada donors, as their generous support helps make research possible!

“With your help we are able to discover new treatments methods and improve outcomes for our patients with incomplete spinal cord injuries.”

Janelle is the recipient of the 2018 Neurosciences Division Scholarship of the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada.

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