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Did you know that if you dedicate just 4 minutes a day to conscientiously honing your Twitter network, you will be well on your way to developing for yourself one of the richest, most highly personalized learning resources possible, within a week? No, really.

The Big Idea

Could Twitter possibly be a professional tool? What many people do not realize is that Twitter is much more than a site for celebrities and bored teenagers to log the minutiae of life. Twitter has become a major vehicle for professionals to disseminate important news, events, and share resources. If you had the ability to scan through another professional’s Twitter feed you would likely see a stream of expert opinion exchanges, links to newly published research, free patient education resources, trend monitors….

So in honour of our 30 days of openness and sharing of ideas related to therapeutic exercise, today we’re sharing 30 exemplary contributors that are making the Twittersphere a better place. Give them a follow.

Note: If you’re not yet on Twitter, but you’ve been wanting to try, check out Twitter for Researchers & Academics: Tips for IMPROVERS (great advice for clinicians too). The premise of Twitter is simple: discuss and share links to interesting resources you find or create. Posts must be 140 characters or less. What are you waiting for? Give Twitter a test drive!

Exercise & Physiotherapy

  1. ActiveAgingJunction – Portal to the latest aging & exercise evidence-based news.
  2. The Sports Physio – UK sports physio who doesn’t think being skeptical is a bad thing.
  3. pelvicexercises – Australian physiotherapist-run source for online exercise videos and expert information for strengthening the pelvic floor and exercising safely.
  4. BOSS Strength – Research-based educational resources for rehabilitation and exercise professionals.
  5. Exercise Works!

Non-profit Organizations

  1. Canadian Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation
  2. Exercise is Medicine Canada
  3. Arthritis Research Canada
  4. National Academy of Sports Medicine
  5. Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

Save the Date!

Rep 30: Inter-professionalism in Exercise Management
Live Tweetchat

March 31, 8:00 pm (Eastern)

Given the increasing diversity of health professions prescribing exercise, where do you see physiotherapists fitting as Canada’s experts in therapeutic exercise today and in the future?

Follow hashtag#CPA30reps to join the conversation.

What is a Tweetchat and how do I participate?

More noteworthy Tweeters you may be interested in

  1. BMJ Open – Open-access journal covering research across medical and therapeutic discipline areas.
  2. Physiowizz – Designed for physio students and other healthcare professionals to learn, share knowledge and continue professional development.
  3. Physiopedia – Daily updates to new resources, research, and physiotherapy workshops happening around the world.
  4. Physiotalk – Regularly hosts tweet-chats and other social media resources for physiotherapists
  5. Karim Khan – Canadian sports physician and academic who is an advocate of physical activity for its public health benefit.
  6. Diane Jacobs – Thought-provoking updates and myth-busting on manual therapy, neuroplasticity and the science of touch.
  7. Electrotherapy on the Web – Curated by UK’s eminent EPA expert Tim Watson. Expect updates to important new research findings almost daily.

And of course, our 30reps curators!

  1. Phil Sheppard
  2. Kristine Houde
  3. Trisha Parsons
  4. Mireille Landry
  5. Katherine Harman
  6. Anthony Gatti
  7. Geoff Bostick
  8. Diana Hopkins-Rosseel
  9. Lora Giangregorio
  10. Sarah Oosman
  11. Kristin Campbell
  12. Julia Di Paolo
  13. Daniel Crumback

…and don’t forget CPA National, Branches, and Divisions on Twitter!


Since we could only fit 30, we thought we’d throw it out to you guys to share the handles of all the other fantastic Tweeters out there that every physiotherapist should be following.  Who did we miss that you would recommend?

Are you active on Twitter? Share your own Twitter handle in the comments below so we can follow you!