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Kim Tytler

Are these themes familiar?

  • You can watch life, or you can live it
  • Opioids and pain management
  • Healthy aging
  • Living your life to its fullest potential
  • The value of physiotherapy

The common link? All have been used to represent National Physiotherapy Month as ways to start some lively and important conversations about Canadians and the importance of physiotherapy. Each year in May, CPA celebrates the profession, and raises public awareness of physiotherapy. Across Canada, NPM is celebrated and promoted by clinics, hospitals, university programs, in presentations, and at events.

CPA creates and shares downloadable posters and resources to our Divisions, Branches, and members to help them promote NPM in throughout their communities. Press releases to community newspapers and national media, blog posts, and online links to relevant resources are additional types of information that can be shared locally, and co-branded if desired.

Outside of the physiotherapy profession, we promote NPM through the online health promotion calendar managed by the federal government, and some provincial ministries of health (or health and long-term care, in some provinces) calendars as well. Where theme-appropriate, we encourage partnerships with like-minded national associations to share resources with their constituents.

We are especially excited to see how university programs get involved in their own NPM activities: fun runs, volleyball competitions, and bake sales have been used to generate awareness and raise funds for PFC. We even have a resource that can help students navigate how to approach their campus activities.


This year

For 2019, we’re creating two posters and a series of online resources to show the importance and raise awareness of physiotherapy with other health care professionals and consumers. Materials will be on our website in late March.


Social media

Learn more about NPM here and be sure to use the hashtag #NPM2019 in your social media this year. Share your ideas, stories, and pictures and we will share too! Our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels will have all the launch details, including how to get your posters and other resources.


Make an impact

Please support physiotherapy research and education by donating to the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada. PFC is Canada’s only registered charity dedicated to funding physiotherapy research. Physiotherapy can help Canadians in so many ways - and we're always looking to improve how. Click here to learn more.


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