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Tim Paquette

Today’s learners not only have a wide variety of ways to access professional development, they can also do so 24/7.

Expectations of learners in present-day society have risen exponentially. They want self-directed learning, available anytime and anywhere.

Online learning (e-learning) has helped reduce the costs of distance education and is accessible to a wider audience. In fact, most public colleges and universities offer online programs.

Knowledge is no longer confined by geographic borders; it crosses cultural boundaries, bringing the ‘global village’ ever nearer.

Information and knowledge can be shared and grow through application, not depleted through use. The effect of location of the user and/or provider of knowledge is diminished using Learning Management Systems (LMS) that can offer benefits of speed and agility of 24/7 operation and global reach, which in turn allow knowledge and information to leak to where demands are highest.

Today’s learners have an overwhelming number of choices, making it difficult for organizations to 'go it alone' as providers of e-learning. Therefore, it is important for e-learning suppliers (such as associations) to have stakeholders who share similar views to ensure that initiatives succeed.

It is important for any provider of e-learning in today’s landscape to focus on the development of infrastructure for sustainable knowledge enhancement which requires strong advocacy at all levels of the association providing such a service.

In today’s fast paced world, the unique value proposition of today’s e-learning platform is that it must be a one stop shopping for the user: a vast offering of continuing education courses delivered by an electronic personal learning portfolio. This will save the user time by being a one-stop shop for all learning needs, keeping an electronic record of courses taken, and tracking learning goals.


CPA’s PD Marketplace (PDM) provides CPA members with 24/7 access to over 150 online courses and webinars.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to access the PDM:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into your CPA member Account


  1. Go to the PD Marketplace Link and click on Access the PD Marketplace Now. This is what you should see on your screen:


  1. If logged into your CPA account you will go directly to the PD Marketplace home Page. (Please note the CPA member prices in yellow)


  1. You can search the PDM by areas of interest in a dropdown list or by typing into the search courses navigation bar. You can also search by instructor name or by price of course.


The first phase of development and implementation of the PDM is complete.

But by no means is the work finished. We are improving and upgrading the platform regularly to ensure the very best user experience.

We are continuing to add courses and webinars to the PDM regularly, and often at attractive discounts. Be sure to check back often to find content that fits your professional development needs.

Stay tuned for updates and new partnerships helping to build a stronger PDM for the entire profession.


Learning: Anytime, anywhere


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