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Blayne Burrows

You are a new graduate.

You are working in musculoskeletal practice, and you are looking to build your toolbox for assessing and treating your patients.

You are looking to build your clinical reasoning skills and make connections with mentors and colleagues working in musculoskeletal practice.


Does this sound like you? I think it sounds like most physiotherapists at some point, if not many points in their careers, and it certainly sounds like me. After 10 years in clinical practice, I am still looking to develop my knowledge and skills to collaborate with patients and guide them in meeting their goals. I hope to always have the drive to learn and grow, sometimes it can be hard to maintain motivation, or to even know what you don’t know so you can access the right courses to fill in the gaps! This is where the CPA Orthopaedic Division (OD), and its courses, came in for me. The Orthopaedic Division offers courses in neuromusculoskeletal education that build on your foundational knowledge and help you apply new skills and reasoning in your clinical practice.

When I was a new grad, I was grateful for the breadth and depth of the courses, which cover theory and practical knowledge of everything from the head to the toes, and for increasing confidence in my ability to screen patients on initial assessment. As a clinician, I am grateful for the community of colleagues I have met through the Orthopaedic Division who challenge me to be better in clinic, as a teacher and as a leader. I didn’t start off with a lot of confidence in myself, or my skills. I have benefitted, and continue to benefit, from the network of incredible mentors, instructors, and students that push and support me and those around them. I have taken many other courses in my years of clinical practice, they have all been important parts of my development. I am glad, however, I started with the OD to build a strong foundation on which to critically think and grow my tool box.

Did you know that the Orthopaedic Division has been involved in helping France develop their community based post-graduate neuromusculoskeletal education programming? The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) and KPTEN (France) asked the Orthopaedic Division to help based on the success and quality of our community based programming, and the OD has been working with KPTEN in France for years to assist them in making this a reality. Canada’s program is internationally monitored and accredited by IFOMPT, we work hard to maintain accreditation. Should you successfully complete the required coursework and examinations, you receive the ability to enroll as a member of CAMPT, or the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy, achieving the title of Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy, or FCAMPT. This is an internationally recognized qualification signifying you have advanced your skill set and met the rigorous requirements to obtain these credentials.  How do you achieve this? Inserted above is an infographic flow chart of the Orthopaedic Division courses. Your first step after obtaining your license to practice physiotherapy is to either challenge the Level 1 exam or take a Level 1 course; the choice is yours!

Check out the details for challenging the exam and for upcoming courses in your region. You will see a ton of courses being offered around the country. Don’t see one in your region? Contact your regional representative (PODCR).

I would encourage you, no matter what your experience or area of practice, to sit down and make a career map. Thinking about where you are and where you want to go will help you plan for what types of advancement you may want to pursue. If possible, ask a mentor to review this with you to draw on their experience. This is a good exercise to revisit every few years. My map has certainly changed over time! If you want to pursue further orthopaedic knowledge and skills, the OD courses are a great choice for you to consider. We are, after all, the community for advancing orthopaedic physiotherapy in Canada (and beyond)!


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I went through the FCMAPT as quickly as possible after graduating and it has given me confidence to be an excellent physio for many years.

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