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Exercise management crosses professional boundaries. Other health professions are formalizing their roles in this area of practice and taking centre stage in the public eye as exercise management experts. Some physiotherapists see this as encroachment, while others see it as an opportunity to relieve an overburdened system.

What’s your take?

The Big Idea

As society continues to push us to become more physically active, a greater number of individuals will seek out professional assistance to maintain their activity levels and full mobility throughout their lifespan.

Faced with so many options for treatment, the average Canadian may find it difficult to make informed decisions regarding their care since they will not be fully familiar with the spectrum of professionals working in the field of exercise management, or their varied scopes of practice. Indeed, it is sometimes even difficult for health professionals to stay abreast of who stands where in this shifting landscape.

Physiotherapists are health professionals who understand both the fundamental science of exercise, as well as the management of complex and chronic diseases. We are ideally positioned to champion the development of an interprofessional model of exercise prescription and management that meets the needs of Canadians today and in the future.

Our take on things…

The following documents are foundational to the profession and provide us with guidance on what is and what should be included in physiotherapy education and practice today.

Although you may be generally familiar with what is contained in these documents, take a few moments to re-read the noted passages.

As you read, think about how they reflect your personal experiences and vision for physiotherapy:

Description of physiotherapy in Canada (Summary Statement, p2)

Entry-to-Practice Physiotherapy Curriculum: Content Guidelines for Canadian University Programs (Interprofessional Practice, p55-56)

Essential Competencies for Entry-Level Physiotherapists

CPA Position Statement: Interprofessional Collaboration and Practice

Does our background uniquely qualify us to act as interprofessional leaders when it comes to exercise prescription? Based on which definition of exercise? Is Canada’s health system ready for physiotherapists to take on this essential role?


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