The Canadian Physiotherapy Association thanks its members who continue to engage with us about key issues. It has been a difficult time globally, and we are working hard to address our members’ concerns across a wide range of topics as expediently as possible.

Racism is an international problem which is inherently systemic and is not unique to our colleagues in America. In Canada and around the world, we need to stand together, united in our anti-racism. Change starts with our own attitudes, our social constructs, and our policies. We are proud of the relationships we have internationally, including with groups such as the American Physical Therapy Association, and we will continue to work together with the collective in driving forward meaningful change in our profession.

There has been a lot of dialogue from companies and individuals around the world voicing support for anti-racism in society. We recognize that our voice alone is not enough to address the systemic challenges for people of colour and our Indigenous populations. At CPA, we recognize that sentiments need to be translated into real action. We know that we must redouble our efforts in this regard. The work of our Global Health Division and Indigenous Health Sub-Committee continue to push the objectives of developing authentic engagement forward and nurturing connections with our Indigenous populations, but much work is to be done by our Association.

This past weekend, the Board of Directors sat through two days of virtual board meetings in place of what would have been our in-person meetings at CPA Congress 2020. Together, we are committed to ensuring that the social justice issues we’ve been attempting to tackle for years, including racism, equity, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action, would be met head-on in a measurable way this year. As I enter into my final term as President, I commit to defining and taking actions to make measurable change on these issues that the CPA members can be proud of to ensure we never have to write a position statement like this again.

We hear you, our voice is with you; and I commit that our actions will follow over the next 12 months.

Viivi Riis

Canadian Physiotherapy Association