Cancer Rehabilitation Certificate


Event Type: Course


Start Date: January 18, 2022

Location: Online

Title: Cancer Rehabilitation Certificate 

Instructor(s): Mary-Ann Dalzell BSc (PT), MSc 


Course Date: Anytime - work at your own pace 


Course Time: Anytime – 10 weeks of access. 


Course Location: Online 


Registration Fees: $1,150.00 +HST 


DescriptionKey Clinical Skills Inc. has partnered with BIA Formation of Quebec to develop this certification in oncology rehabilitation for all rehabilitation professionals. The program is delivered online at your own pace and will prepare you with the tools to safely and effectively maximize the recovery of cancer patients.  The program may be taken as three individual courses or together as a certification program with significant cost savings. 


Level 1 

  • Overview of cancer rehabilitation 

  • Introduction to cancer pathology, staging and medical treatment interventions 

  • Hematological effects of cancer treatment 

  • Muscular effects of cancer treatment 

  • Cancer related pain 

  • Cancer related fatigue 

  • Framework for clinical assessment and decision-making 


Level 2: 

  • Indications and contraindications for the use of manual and biophysical modalities in cancer patients 

  • Review of literature and clinical practice guidelines 

  • Exercise interventions at all stages of cancer treatments 

  • Safety considerations post chemotherapy 

  • Bone metastasis 

  • Skeletal fragility due to cancer treatment 

  • Radiation fibrosis 

  • Breast Cancer 

  • Introduction to lymphedema 

  • Rehabilitation of patients with lung cancer 

  • Rehabilitation of patients with hematological cancers 


Level 3: 

  • Breast cancer reconstruction rehabilitation 

  • Rehabilitation of patients with head and neck cancers 

  • Soft tissue and bone sarcoma 

  • Management of patients with bone metastasis 

  • Rehabilitation of patients with advanced disease and palliative care 

  • Gynecological cancer 

  • Cancer-related lymphedema 

  • Return to work following cancer treatment 

  • Differential diagnosis of common conditions related to cancer 

  • Models of care and cancer rehabilitation service development 



Mary-Ann Dalzell BSc (PT), MSc 

Mary-Ann is a dynamic presenter who brings 30 years of experience in the management of complex oncology orthopaedic problems, service to the profession and solid research background. 

Mary-Ann is currently President and Chair of the National Education Committee of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Division of Oncology. She was Clinical Director and Research Coordinator of the Oncology Rehabilitation and Exercise Program, Hope & Cope at the Sega Cancer Centre in Montreal. 

She was Principal Investigator of a study on the residual effects of radiation therapy in young breast cancer survivors and Co-Principal Investigator of the Cure Foundation and Quebec Breast Foundation grants on bone health in women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Recent publications include the results of these studies as well as a review of the development of rehabilitation and exercise programs for a global population of cancer patients and the implementation of clinical practice guidelines. 


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