The CPA has been working to partner with tele-rehabilitation tools to provide clinic owners with opportunities to support their patients through telehealth. In this webinar, we profiled two of our tele-rehabilitation partners on offer to our members – Physiotec and Clinicmaster.

If you have questions for Christine regarding Physiotec, please contact her at or 1-866-301-3439.

If you have questions for Max regarding Clinicmaster, please contact him at or (450) 682-8674.

You can send questions for the CPA to

Please continue to check out the CPA’s COVID-19 resource page at for the latest information on COVID-19 and future webinars.

As always, the CPA encourages members to consult with their regulatory body and to ensure that you are informed and prepared to provide virtual care, keeping patient safety, risk management, privacy, and consent at the forefront of decision-making.