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Tim Paquette and Maggie Bergeron

When CPA examined options for the development of a new Professional Development Marketplace (PDM) platform, the current conditions for learning needed to be taken into consideration.

Learning and access to knowledge in today’s world is vastly different than in the past:

  • Knowledge is no longer confined by the borders of countries
  • Knowledge crosses cultural boundaries
  • Platform-based learning can bring the ‘global village’ ever nearer
  • We are currently in a knowledge economy or an information society
  • Information and knowledge can be shared and grow through application (not deplete through use)
  • The effect of location is diminished, Learning Management Platforms can offer benefits of speed and agility of 24/7 operation and global reach
  • Knowledge and information ‘leak’ to where demand is highest, and the barriers are lowest (not always locally/domestically)


Learning: Anytime, Anywhere from Anywhere in the World!


The creation of the PD Marketplace (PDM) was in response to a PD Task Force Report in 2014 with input from all key stakeholders, including Divisions and Branches.

CPA partnered with Embodia Academy to create a Learning Management System (LMS) platform which encompasses all of CPA’s webinars and online courses.

The PDM began in earnest in April 2018, after the announcement and contract signing in March 2018.

Since CPA content creation is still early in the process, CPA members also have access to Embodia created webinars and courses which number over 150 webinars and online courses.


What does this mean for CPA members?

  • All CPA members get a 30% discount on all CPA courses and 20% off Embodia courses
  • Tremendous opportunities exist for Divisions, Components and Clinical Specialists to become part of the PD Marketplace through content creation (i.e. webinars or online courses)
  • Creation of a Canadian one-stop site for online learning and collaboration for physiotherapists across the country
  • Evidence-informed courses in enjoyable, easily digestible, videos that are self-directed
  • Learning is an ongoing process – and highly educated and trained practitioners will result in more effective care and better patient outcomes
  • Online learning is the future - Learning: Anytime, anywhere
  • After signing into your CPA member account, simply go the PD Marketplace, click and learn


The development of the PD Marketplace is seen as an initial step towards building a sustainable platform for continuing professional development for the entire profession.

CPA, in collaboration with the Divisions and Branches, can together build a stronger platform for continuing professional development and learning.

We are sending out a call to action to all components and partners to help us build the best PD Marketplace that we can since it will ultimately help both individual PTs/PTAs learning needs as well as the entire profession.


Step-by-Step Instructions to log onto the PDM through your CPA account

  1. Ensure that you are logged into your CPA member Account


  1. Go to the PD Marketplace and click on Access the PD Marketplace Now. This is what you should see on your screen:


  1. If logged into your CPA account you will go directly to the PD Marketplace home Page. (Please note the CPA member prices in yellow)


  1. You can search the PDM by areas of interest in a dropdown list or by typing into the search courses navigation bar. You can also search by instructor name or by price of course.


More PD Marketplace Highlights

  • There are 24 FREE courses on the PDM for CPA Members!
  • CPA members receive a 30% discount on all CPA courses and a 20% discount on Embodia courses
  • There are currently over 150 courses and webinars on the PDM
  • There are currently 15 different Areas of Interest to search on the PDM
  • You can access learning anytime, anywhere 24/7
  • Evidence-informed courses in enjoyable, easily digestible, bite-sized videos
  • CPA Divisions and Clinical Specialists are developing content for the PD Marketplace


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Thank you so much for publishing this Rep!  I was not aware of the extensive PD courses that are available to me prior to reading this! As a rural clinic owner and practitioner (often solo) this provides me with extra learning opportunities that don’t involve travel.  Also helps me to feel more connected to other practitioners. I will certainly be utilizing this resource from now on.


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