With the help of event management technology and a little creativity, the CPA is happy to bring you many interactive features during Congress 2021.

Live Q&A and Polling

Let your voice be heard even miles away! Live Q&A and Polling creates engaging discussions and builds community with real-time discussions, no matter where you are in the world.

Networking Lounge

Attendees can connect and chat with each in the Networking Lounge and throughout the platform. Like in-person, want to meet with a group of your colleagues? Attendees can produce their own group chats to catch up, spark new conversations, and exchange ideas with each other. 


Congress 2021 will engage attendees by creating tasks and challenges to perform and earn points throughout the event. Want to know who your competition is? Keep an eye on the leaderboard that will be displayed in the lobby of the platform.

Point, Click, and Share

We know how popular the photobooth is at in-person CPA events, so we are bringing a virtual photo booth to you via the platform lobby. Smile, be creative, have fun, and engage with each other again!

Truth and Reconciliation

Description coming soon.