October 2018

Excited about attending Congress Montreal18 next month? So are we! Read below for some of our Executive Team's top tips on how to make this Congress a success!


"Congress is an excellent opportunity for networking with like-minded colleagues, especially in the field of Global Health. You never know who you will meet or how these new connections will take your career in a whole new and exciting direction. For physiotherapists interested in global health, I highly recommend attending as many of the global health sessions as possible and striking up conversations with presenters and participants at those sessions. You never know where your new connections will lead you! In my case, they've led me all over - from as far as Mexico to Nepal, to where I am currently based in Kuwait."

- Jennifer Allen, Chair


"It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day cycle of work and life. Collectively, physiotherapists are a pretty self-motivated group, but sometimes you need a catalyst to shake things up and inspire you. Congress is an amazing opportunity to do just that. You will make connections with physiotherapists all over the country, in every type and stage of practice. You can satisfy that niggling, peripheral interest through attending seminars or reading research boards and suddenly find your career taking an unexpected direction. You will also get the chance to become part of the conversation directing physiotherapy practice in Canada. Use this Congress to lean in and discover something new about physiotherapy, and yourself!"

- Marina MacDougall, Communications Officer


Congress, Halifax, 2015


"Attending Congress as a student changed the trajectory of my career. I was able to connect with like-minded physiotherapists who were supportive in my interests and created a spark to my experiences in global health. I have received mentorship and opportunities from various leaders in physiotherapy practice all over Canada. I would highly suggest attending the Global Health Social and Seminars. I also highly encourage reflective practice by writing down your thoughts in order to organize them after Congress."

- Corey Kim, Project Manager - Pre-Departure Training


"Congress is something that I always look forward to attending as the opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the country in knowledge sharing and building networking circles is invaluable. Who knows who you may meet and what opportunities may arise! My advice is to pick out certain sessions that are related to your work and passions, but to also step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Congress always leaves me feeling recharged, re-affirmed that we all chose a wonderful profession, and inspired to continuously improve, both personally and professionally. See you there!"

- Amanda Fortin, Indigenous Health Representative


Congress, Halifax, 2015


"Le congès est un événement qu'on ne souhaite simplement pas manquer. Cet événement rassemblent des physiothérapeutes passionnés des quatre coins du Canada et permet de découvrir d'autres facettes de notre profession. En plus d'assister aux nombreuses conférences et présentations, prenez le temps et l'opportunité de discuter avec les personnes présentes dans les lieux de rencontre prévus à cet effet aux kiosques. Ces discussions valent de l'or et qui sait vers quelles expériences ils peuvent vous mener! Venez discuter avec nous au salon de la division en santé mondiale, et il nous fera grandement plaisir d'échanger avec vous et de répondre à vos questions. Bon congrès!"

- Marie-Pier Sabourin-Germain, Représentante Francophone


"Congress is an amazing event that you wouldn't miss for anything. This event regroup passionates physical therapists from all over Canada and allows you to discover new facets of our profession. In addition of attending the multiple conferences and presentations, take the time and opportunity to discuss with people who are present in the different lounges and booths. These discussions are so valuable, and who knows where they will bring you! Come to chat with us in the Global Health Lounge; it would be a pleasure to chat with you and to answer your questions. Have a great Congress!"

- Marie-Pier Sabourin-Germain, French Recpresentative


Congress, Halifax, 2015


"Congress is an event I've often found both energizing and wonderfully exhausting at the same time. There are often going to be a number of things you are interested in, happening simultaneously. Try to get to a good variety of sessions, but remember you can't see and take in everything. I find it helpful to try and absorb a few key nuggets of information from every session, and focus more energy on connecting and discussing with others who have diverse opinions and experiences. This is where I think the greatest value in Congress lies. See you there!"

- Gill Grant, Treasurer


"Attending Congress can re-energize you and your practice. It is a great opportunity to meet new colleagues and network outside of your usual circle. This year, take this opportunity to learn something new, something outside of your comfort zone, maybe even a Global Health Seminar! Be open to new discussions and be confident in your abilities to share with others. We all have so much to learn from each other!"

- Jennifer O'Neil, DKMC and Research Co-Representative


Congress, Halifax, 2015