Resource: COVID-19 Webinar Series (Updated: June 24)

Resource: Expand Your Respiratory Assessment - Blending Evidence and Experience with a Clinical Reasoning Focus [Webinar] (May 21)

Resource: Le T.R.P. pendant la période du COVID-19 (Available in French Only) [Webinar] (May 19)

Resource: Discussion with the CPA's President and CEO - Part 2 [Webinar] (May 14)

Resource: Your Patient Experience in a COVID-19 World [Webinar] (May 8)

Resource: Managing through COVID-19 & Preparing for Reopening [Webinar] (April 30)

Resource: What are the Best Practices for Tele-Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities? Ethical Considerations, Evidence, and Coaching Families for Success [Webinar] (April 24)

Resource: Leading Change from In-Clinic Services to Virtual Services: How Do We Lead This Change? [Webinar] (April 16)

Resource: New Challenges Demand New Initiatives: How Ottawa Valley Physiotherapy and Renfrew Victoria Hospital are Teaming Up to Tackle COVID-19 [Webinar] (April 7)

Resource: Navigating COVID-19 Wage Subsidies [Webinar] (April 6)

Resource: A Pragmatic Overview of the Research and Implementation of Tele-Rehabilitation with Neurological Populations [Webinar] (April 1)

Resource: Discussion with the CPA's President and CEO - Part 1 [Webinar] (March 29)

Resource: Follow Up: COVID-19 and Your Practice presented by the Private Practice Division [Webinar] (March 26)

Resource: Managing Clients Virtually in Today's COVID-19 Reality: A Case Study [Delivered in French] [Webinar]
(March 23)

Resource: A Closer Look at Two Tele-Rehab Tools Offered to CPA Members [Webinar] (March 23)

Resource: Current State with COVID-19: Employment Law [Webinar] (March 20)

CPA Statement: The CPA's President's Address [Webinar] (March 19)

Resource: COVID-19 & Your Practice presented by the Private Practice Division [Webinar] (March 18)

Resource: Current State with COVID-19: Tele-Rehabilitation and Business Interruption Insurance [Webinar] (March 17)

Resource: Global Physiotherapy Community of Practice (March 16)