May 13, 2021 (Ottawa, ON) – In 2020, to celebrate the Association’s 100th anniversary, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) created the centenary Medals of Distinction to recognize over one hundred individuals who have had a significant and meaningful impact on the physiotherapy profession. While COVID-19 has delayed this important celebration, we’re proud to present the CPA’s Medals of Distinction this year in conjunction with CPA Congress 2021 May 13-16, 2021.

The Medals of Distinction were developed in response to overwhelming demand from the CPA membership for a unique recognition to celebrate the Association’s 100th anniversary in 2020. The concept was adopted by the CPA’s Past President’s Council as they sought to recognize those members of the profession who impacted physiotherapy for 1920 to 2020. From all ages and stages of their career the Medals of Distinction were an opportunity to celebrate physiotherapy professionals across the spectrum – whether they were just entering the profession or had since retired – and the unique contributions those recipients have made on their peers, patients and the profession.

“On behalf of the CPA’s Past Presidents’ Council, I am honoured to recognize over 100 CPA Medals of Distinction recipients this weekend at CPA Congress 2021,” said Viivi Riis, President of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. “In combination with our previous Enid Graham Award recipients, and our CPA Life Members, the CPA Medals of Distinction recipients represent leaders, role models and innovators whose impact on the profession over the last century cannot be understated. As we look ahead to the next 100 years of physiotherapy driving the health and mobility of Canadians, we must take this moment to reflect on the path paved for us by our leaders in the profession, and celebrate the leaders still to come.”

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In addition to the Medals of Distinction recipients, the CPA is proud to acknowledge the contributions of a critical group of physiotherapy professionals who have set the groundwork for the profession to flourish over the past century. CPA’s Enid Graham Memorial Lecture recipients and Life Members, who were ineligible for the Medals of Distinction, have been a critical part of the success of many of the people on the list.

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To honour the CPA Medals of Distinction recipients, each winner will receive a specially created medal and a certificate to mark their triumph. During CPA Congress 2021, the Medals of Distinction recipients will be highlighted as part of the Virtual Gala on Saturday, May 15th.

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