November 20, 2020

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association is proud to announce eight recipients of our CPA Awards for 2020. In our 100th Anniversary year, and facing the challenges that we’re facing globally, it was important to the CPA to ensure we recognized the outstanding contributions of physiotherapists who have been critical in helping Canada recover.

As with each year, we received amazing nominations for the CPA Awards. It was a thoughtful deliberation, as we realized how lucky Canadians are to have such accomplished physiotherapists caring for their well-being. Although 2020 proved to be extra challenging, the winners of the following awards rose to the challenge.

“In challenging times we discover our true strength, the CPA, the profession of physiotherapy, and the Canadians we heal are better for the contributions of exceptional physiotherapists like this year’s award recipients,” said Viivi Riis, President of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. “We’re thankful for the tough job our CPA Awards Committee did and proud to celebrate the success of this cohort of recipients in our 100th Anniversary year.”

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association and its community is proud to congratulate this year’s recipients as they continue to help and inspire the people around them.

CPA Life Membership Award

The CPA Life Membership Award recognizes physiotherapists who have provided outstanding service of long duration to the profession and the Association. The year’s recipients:

  • Diana Perez
  • Hilary Crowley
  • Dr. Pat Miller

CPA Global Health Award

The CPA Global Health Award recognizes the outstanding contributions made by a physiotherapist to promote the profession internationally through education ventures, program and/or policy development, practice, or research contributions. This year’s recipient:

  • Dr. Matthew Hunt

CPA Mentorship Award

The CPA Mentorship Award recognizes physiotherapists who, through their inspiration and support, provide exceptional mentorship of other physiotherapy professionals and act as role models for professionals, professionalism, and volunteerism. This year’s recipients:

  • Dr. Sarah Wojkowski
  • Vince Cunanan  
  • David Kachan

CPA Professional Contribution Award

The CPA Professional Contribution Award recognizes individuals who have enhanced the profession and the practice of physiotherapy through a unique, impactful, and outstanding contribution. This year’s recipient:

  • Dr. Jack Miller

In addition to these recipients, the CPA is also proud to distribute the CPA Student Award and the CPA Silver Quill Award in 2020. The CPA Student Award is given to the graduate with the highest average from each entry-level physiotherapy education program in Canada. The CPA Silver Quill Award recognizes three individuals for excellence in scientific writing published in Physiotherapy Canada, the official journal of the CPA. The CPA continues to celebrate these awards at convocations across the country and will share the recipients' names of both of these awards on our website by the end of the year. Learn More About CPA Awards

The CPA is currently soliciting nominations for its Medals of Distinction, which were created to mark the Association’s 100th Anniversary. The medal serves to recognize 100 individuals who have impacted physiotherapy from 1920 to 2020. If you know a deserving physiotherapy professional, share their story and nominate them! Learn More