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Tuesday, June 23

Title: COVID-19 PT Response - Cardiorespiratory Division Webinar
Speakers: Amy Ellis, Nathalie Cote, Emily Strauss, Stephanie Junkin, Natali Mahdavian, Stephanie Oviatt
Topic: Wondering how your physiotherapist colleagues across the country, on the front-line of this pandemic, are managing in these unprecedented times? Tune in to a moderated discussion with a cross-Canada panel of acute care physiotherapists looking at the response to COVID-19 in their setting thus far, lessons learned, and plans for moving forward. There will be an opportunity for listeners to ask questions to the panel following the facilitated portion of the webinar.
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Tuesday, May 19

Title: Le T.R.P. pendant la période du COVID-19 (Available in French Only)
Speakers: Annie Bélanger, T.R.P., Secrétaire et membre du comité exécutif de l'AQP, Coordonnatrice à la formation continue, recherche et développement chez SET; Geneviève Boilard, T.R.P., Clinicienne à l'Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie du Québec, Enseignante en technique de physiothérapie au Cégep Garneau; et Denis Pelletier, pht, M.Sc, Président de l'OPPQ
Topic: Les différents rôles et tâches possibles du T.R.P. selon le milieu de travail et selon les zones (froide, tiède et chaude); les différentes ressources en cardiorespiratoire; les assouplissements de l’article 4 Règlement 94m) apportés par l’OPPQ et l’article 39.4 du Code des professions; et période de questions et réponses en compagnie du Président de l’OPPQ.
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Thursday, May 21

Title: Expand Your Respiratory Assessment - Blending Evidence and Experience with a Clinical Reasoning Focus
Speaker: Judy Kay
Topic: Physiotherapists develop and provide programs to optimize physical function and overall quality of life for people with many illnesses and injuries. Central to any exercise program is the ability to breathe effectively. While the prime focus of this presentation is adult care medical and surgical populations, the skill sets discussed have a wider application to many physiotherapy settings.
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Tuesday, May 12

Title: CPA Board of Directors & COVID-19: Personal Experiences from the Present & Perspectives for the Future
Speakers: Viivi Riis, Amanda de Chastelain, and Jason Coolen
Topic: Join three representatives from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association's Board of Directors as they speak from their own physiotherapist perspectives on what changes they are facing right now and where they anticipate things moving in physiotherapy in light of COVID-19. We'll hear from those working in three different settings: hospital, home care, and private clinic.
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Thursday, May 14

Title: Discussion with the CPA's President and CEO - Part 2
Speakers: Viivi Riis, President; John-Paul Cody-Cox, Chief Executive Officer; and Krissy Murphy, Chief Marketing and Membership Officer, Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Topic: Following Part 1 of the Discussion with CPA's President and CEO on March 29, 2020, the CPA will facilitate another question and answer session with the CPA's President and CEO for members on recent topics and developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Friday, May 8

Title: Your Patient Experience in a COVID-19 World
Speakers: Ryan Hughes, Senior Director, Strategy, The T1 Agency, and Krissy Murphy, Chief Marketing & Membership Offcier, CPA
Topic: A lot will change with your private physiotherapy practice as you return to serving patients in-person amidst COVID-19. But the move from Lululemons to PPE doesn't mean your relationship and impact on the patient need to change.
Based on custom market research completed for the CPA in early 2020, this patient-first, insight-driven session will provide you with practical considerations for your practice as you reopen amidst COVID-19. You'll learn what patients expect to experience from their physiotherapists, and how you, despite the impact of COVID-19, can continue to deliver on this.
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Thursday, April 30

Title: Managing through COVID-19 & Preparing for Reopening
Speakers: Matthew Biggs, Mylo Hollands, and Tenielle Stepp
Topic: As the uncharted tide of COVID-19 seems to be ebbing in Canada and provincial governments start to make cautiously optimistic statements about reopening the economy, the physiotherapy industry finds itself positioned within a new reality that is here to stay.
Clinic owners and managers are faced with new decisions and challenges as health authorities gradually allow physiotherapists to return to serving their patients within the clinic environment beyond urgent care. Join Pure Care as they discuss practical ways to navigate the new status quo when it comes to your clinic environment. Whether you are becoming well established in virtual consultation or you have yet to take the first step - this webinar aims to provide real-life sense and up-to-date ideas on your journey forward.
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Friday, April 24

Title: What Are the Best Practices for Tele-Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities? Ethical Considerations, Evidence, and Coaching Families for Success.
Speakers: Chantal Camden, Dahlia Kairy, and Debra Teitelbaum
Topic: In the current context, where there is an urgency to find strategies to increase accessibility to care, it is important to take into account ethical factors which could impact the care provided. Clinicians are increasingly asked to provide tele-rehabilitation, but might wonder what is the evidence and how to get started. This presentation will provide them with some examples of interventions that have been assessed to date.
Coaching is a black box. A recent systematic review (Ward et al 2019) highlighted the poor operationalization of coaching in clinical practice and, as a result, a tool has been developed that operationalizes coaching within the treatment sessions. There are five coaching events that can be implemented to help families achieve their goals.
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Thursday, April 16

Title: Leading Change from In-Clinic Services to Virtual Services: How Do We Lead This Change?
Speaker: Maria Milioto, pht MBA ASC, Physiothérapie Universelle
Topic: With every challenge come opportunities. When leading teams, how do we implement change and get therapists to embrace virtual care.
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Monday, April 6

Title: Navigating COVID-19 Wage Subsidies
Speaker: Mona Tessier, Head of COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Centre of Expertise, Welch LLP & Neena Gupta, Partner, Gowling WLG
Topic: Join the CPA’s accounting firm, Welch LLP, and legal firm, Gowling WLG, as they provide expertise and insight into the various government programs available during COVID-19, including the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), and how physiotherapists can best navigate them.
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Tuesday, April 7

Title: New Challenges Demand New Initiatives: How Ottawa Valley Physiotherapy and Renfrew Victoria Hospital are Teaming Up to Tackle COVID-19
Speakers: Patrick Cayen, Michel Landry, and Philip Sheppard
Topic: Patrick Cayen from Ottawa Valley Physiotherapy shares his initiative where he took it upon himself to make connections and collaborate with the local hospital and support his community during COVID-19.
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Wednesday, April 1

Title: A Pragmatic Overview of the Research and Implementation of Tele-Rehabilitation with Neurological Populations
Speakers: Dr. Dahlia Kairy, Dr. Hélène Corriveau, Dr. Sarah Donkers
Topic: This webinar will provide an overview of the evidence for tele-rehab. It will cover special considerations in using tele-rehab with individuals living with neurological conditions. Our speakers will provide clinical examples and lessons learned from their own research to help you best implement tele-rehab into practice.
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Monday, March 23

Title: A Closer Look at Two Tele-Rehab Tools Offered to CPA Members
Speakers: Christine Schmalz (Physiotec) & Anna Lico (Clinicmaster)
Topic: The CPA has been working to partner with tele-rehabilitation tools to provide clinic owners with opportunities to support their patients through telehealth. In today’s webinar, we’ll profile two of our tele-rehabilitation partners on offer to our members – Physiotec and Clinicmaster.
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Title: Managing Clients Virtually in Today's COVID-19 Reality: A Case Study [Delivered in French]
Speakers: Marc-André Sarrazin, AQPMA
Topic: The CPA will be joined by Marc- André Sarrazin, President of the Association québécoise de physiothérapie musculosquelettique avancée (AQPMA) where he will share two recent case studies of how he has managed his clients virtually given today’s realities of COVID-19 and social distancing.
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Thursday, March 26

Title: Follow Up: COVID-19 and Your Practice presented by the Private Practice Division
Speakers: Karim Meghji, Darryl Yardley, Wendy Coombs, Nicole Sullivan and Vinny Cunanan
Topic: We're going to regroup with the PPD, clinic owner panellists and see what's changed in a week since our last COVID-19 and Your Practice webinar.
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Sunday, March 29

Title: Discussion with the CPA President and CEO
Speakers: Viivi Riis, President; John-Paul Cody-Cox, Chief Executive Officer; and Krissy Murphy, Chief Marketing and Membership Officer, Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Topic: Following Viivi Riis' address on Thursday, March 19, the CPA had facilitated a question and answer session with the CPA's President and CEO for members on topics related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Tuesday, March 17

Title: Current State with COVID-19: Tele-rehab and Business Interruption Insurance
Speakers: John-Paul Cody-Cox, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Physiotherapy Association; Brian Gomes, President & CEO at BMS Canada Risk Services & Head of Global Affinity BMS; Andrew McKenna, Partner, Gowling WLG
Topic: Statements related to Telehealth and Business Interruption Insurance
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Wednesday, March 18

Title: COVID-19 & Your Practice presented by the Private Practice Division
Speakers: Karim Meghji, Private Practice Division Chair, and Darryl Yardley
Topic: PPD and Darryl Yardley are teaming up to answer your biggest questions on how to bulletproof your practice, clinical operations through this crisis. Let's put fear aside and put strategies into place. Looking forward to helping the community stay strong.
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Thursday, March 19 

Title: The CPA's President's Address
Speakers: Viivi Riis, Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Topic: Given the uncertainty in the current environment with the escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak, CPA President Viivi Riis will address the membership to update on the efforts being undertaken by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association to support, advocate and inform CPA members and the physiotherapy profession.
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Friday, March 20

Title: Current State with COVID-19: Employment Law
Speakers: Gowlings WLG (Employment Lawyer)
Topic: We have received a number of questions regarding employment law in the current landscape including: layoffs, EI and Occupational Health and Safety. We will have an employment lawyer address questions we've received from the membership.
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