August 26, 2020

The Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada is a critical vehicle for research in the physiotherapy community and important element of an evidence-based profession. With that said, the Foundation is entirely dependent on two key streams of revenue: membership donations and a substantial, annual donation from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Out of an abundance of caution and respecting the dramatic financial impacts of COVID-19 on our donors, members, and the profession writ large, the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada will be suspending the dissemination of grants via the PFC Awards in 2020.

It is absolutely critical that we ensure the safety and well-being of physiotherapy research in the country and the Foundation as a vehicle for contributing to that critical research. By pausing operations temporarily for the remainder of the 2020 year, the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada and Canadian Physiotherapy Association are protecting our ability to generate and disseminate funds in the future.

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association and Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada value the critical role research plays in our profession and, as a result, we are considering the best way forward to ensure the objectives of the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada can be met in the long-term. Ongoing assessment of the Foundation is of vital importance to ensure grants for researchers in our field are accessible well beyond 2020.

More information about the activities of the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada, including plans for lifting this temporary pause, will be released in late 2020.