Please note: The CPA is aware that prices for PPE and infection control products may be significantly higher at the present time compared to normal - this is due to the global shortage of these products. Distributors are having to pay suppliers a premium for items and are facing many supply chain and geo-political challenges to serve Canadian health care providers. It is important to distinguish between "price gouging" (inflating the price of a product to increase profit) by the distributor, and distributor prices increasing because their price from the supplier has increased. The CPA is working hard lobbying for the government to take additional steps to make PPE available to physiotherapists working in all health care settings. We continue to work with our partners to advocate for and understand the complexity related to getting cost-effective PPE in the hands of our members. We encourage all CPA members to do their due diligence, based on price, product and need before making purchases.

The protection of all health care workers and patients is of critical importance.

For physiotherapists, physiotherapist assistants, and physical rehabilitation therapists returning to service, reopening a practice, or resuming provisions of homecare, it is the responsibility of each provider to regularly consult the regulatory guidelines for the province or territory in which they practice and are registered (hold a license). Where regulatory guidance for PPE is not available, please consult provincial or territorial guidelines and those provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada: Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19. Second Interim Guidance for Acute Healthcare Settings.

For guidelines on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), please consult your provincial regulatory body or provincial/territorial government. The CPA has assembled the following resources for information sharing purposes only. The CPA does not administer or develop guidelines on the appropriate use of PPE.

Provincial Clinic Reopening Guidelines, Including PPE and Infection Control