Together, the CPA and AQP are proud to announce a new partnership which will strengthen both associations and increase the benefits to Quebec members.

Why Does the National Association Matter?

As members, you understand that our profession has its challenges in Quebec, and through your support, you empower the association to address those challenges on your behalf. However, many of the challenges we face as physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation therapists are mirrored in many other provinces. From the rising costs of College complaints and litigation across the country, to scope infringement from other professions; an alliance between the CPA and the provinces allows us to advocate from a stronger position, both within the province and at the national level to further profession of physiotherapy.

How Does Joint Membership Benefit Me?

With access to both the national and AQP member benefits, Quebec members will specifically have access to:

1. Discounted Membership Fees: for the combined price of $297.50 for full-time physiotherapists, or $150 for P.R.T.s, in membership dues, you’ll become a member of both associations, including access to all membership benefits offered by each.

2. BMS Insurance: Did you know? Approximately 50% of claims made against CPA members are complaints made to regulatory Colleges. Each year, dozen of complaints are investigated by provincial regulatory bodies, including over 60 complaints made to the OPPQ last year alone. 

Anyone who has a concern about the practice or conduct of a physiotherapist or P.R.T. is able to lodge a complaint with your College.

Are you protected?

  • Coverage to defend yourself against a College complaint is not included in the liability insurance available through the OPPQ;
  • An employer's insurance policy does not typically include coverage to defend against a College complaint.

Protect yourself with AQP/CPA’s Regulatory Legal Expense coverage (English follows the French), designed specifically for PTs and P.R.T.s practicing in Quebec. This policy provides you with up to $160,000 for legal costs associated with having to defend yourself against a College complaint or investigation. The cost of legal fees to defend a straightforward regulatory claim can easily reach $20,000 or more. Costs can quickly increase beyond this if expert witnesses are required, if the complaint is complex, and/or if the investigation and disciplinary process is lengthy.
Participating members even have access to pro bono legal services from Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP (Gowlings), one of the most highly recognized legal defence firms in medical defence and professional liability in Canada. This free, confidential legal advice is designed to help avoid or reduce the probability of a professional liability claim or complaint. You will be assisted by a lawyer practicing in Quebec and services are offered in both official languages.

What Now?

Starting today, membership registration and renewal will run through the CPA’s Account Centre, which you can access here.
If you have already renewed through the AQP, a staff member from the AQP will be in touch with you regarding next steps.
If you have renewed your insurance program with La Capitale, please contact their customer service for a refund at 1-800-644-0607 (no charge).
If you have renewed your CPA membership – you’re all set! You are now a joint member of the CPA and AQP with access to the benefits of both Associations.

Join Us!

Together, the CPA and AQP are excited for the opportunities for our members and the profession as we come together in the CPA’s 100th Anniversary year. For any questions or concerns, please contact: or