We are pleased to announce an upcoming seminar focused on comprehensive TMD management. This intensive four-day program will take place from August 23, 2024, to August 26, 2024, at Simon Fraser University’s Vancouver Campus.

This seminar is designed to enhance the proficiency of both physiotherapists and dentists in TMD understanding and management through a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. Core components include detailed craniofacial anatomy, pain modulation techniques, differential diagnosis, and practical hands-on skills for individualized patient care, comprehensively addressing cervical, cranial, and temporomandibular conditions.The course will be led by esteemed experts in the field, including Dr. Jeffrey Mannheimer, Dr. Gary Heir, Dr. Mike Racich, and Dr. Moreza Bahar. These professionals will share their profound insights into anatomy, pain control strategies, and practical applications, to improve patient outcomes.