Orthopaedic Division: Total Knee Replacements in 2021 - What’s Current & What’s to Come


Type d’activité : Webinaire de la division

Website: https://cpa.embodiaacademy.com/webinars/472-total-knee-replacements-in-2021-what-s-current-and-what-s-to-come-by-the-orthopaedic-division

Start Date: 15 avril 2021, 20h 00 HAE

End Date: 15 avril 2021, 21h 00 HAE

Location: PD Marketplace

Title: Total Knee Replacements in 2021 - What’s Current & What’s to Come

Speaker: David Hedden

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Time:  8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. EDT                    

Location: PD Marketplace

Registration Fees: Orthopaedic Division Members - FREE; CPA Members - $10; Non-CPA Members - $20

Will the course include physical contact between instructors, live models, or registrants? No.


This webinar will review non-surgical and surgical management of knee arthritis and results. Common problems for therapists looking after knee replacement patients and new methods in knee replacement to improve outcomes will be addressed as well.


  1. Brief review of non-surgical options.
  2. Review surgical treatment options and how to choose.
  3. Role of therapists.
  4. What’s in the future to improve outcomes.


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