University of British Columbia

MPT students at UBC have returned to campus in full force after the holidays. Although busy with studies and continuing education courses, the MPT student body has been actively planning events for the near future. We continue to share our passion for physical therapy in the local community in every way possible. 

In January, MPT students participated in the UBC Kinesiology career fair. We support and encourage undergraduate students to explore Physical Therapy as a potential career. In addition, the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) runs frequent sessions, called “Pizza and Practice”, for MPT students to learn and gain advice from local Physical Therapists. The most recent session was a wonderful opportunity for MPT students to hear about the career paths of local successful clinicians and their passion for the physical therapy profession. 

Lastly, among other things, we look forward to participating in the upcoming Women’s Health Division’s Valentine’s Day Challenge, which consists of collecting donations of supplies for local women’s centres. 


Queen's University

First-year PT students are on placement until the end of February, and second-year students are in class from January to the start of March. Second-year students Alyssa Brunt and Kelsey Drew have spearheaded donation and fundraising efforts for the Valentine’s Day Challenge, and they have done a tremendous job – raising $406 and filling two buckets worth of women’s hygiene products! 

Some Queen’s students are going international for placement, and one of our second-years – Matt Horne – is trying to raise funds for mobility aids in India. Check out this link to donate (click “no” if prompted to donate to Matt individually) towards mobility equipment.



University of Toronto

The UofT NSA representatives are excited to share updates regarding our MScPT program, including the election of our two first year reps, Christiane Junod and Sawyer Peloso. Welcome to the team! UofT PT students recently volunteered at the Ontario Transplant Games and shared what it was like.

The second year UofT NSA reps, Larissa Tutert and Shab Shah, successfully organized an OPA networking night for the first year class, where students had a chance to speak to individuals in the industry.UofT NSA reps also participated in the October 15 Physiotherapy Day of Service by running a successful food drive. Upcoming events we’re looking forward to include a faculty wine and cheese networking night and a “mini physio-school” for students interested in the MScPT program. Stay tuned for more updates as the year moves along!



University of Manitoba 

The College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CORS) at the University of Manitoba is starting 2017 off with a bang. Starting in February, CORS will participate in the 3rd annual Valentine’s Day Challenge. The Women’s Health Division invites all Canadian Physiotherapy programs to participate!

This year, donations will support the Osborne House on behalf of Helping Hands, Winnipeg, MB. Together, students and staff will collect donations for new and unused toiletries, feminine hygiene products, and incontinence supplies. Lastly, a Wine Survivor fundraiser for the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada (PFC) will occur throughout February. Participating staff and students are donating a bottle of wine and $10. After a series of elimination draws, the last participants standing go home with the collection of wine! It’s never a dull moment at the U of M.



Université Laval 

Last October, about 60 students took part in Le Relais de la Tribu, a 250 km relay-race (eight people per team relay every 10 km) in under 24 hours. This event raises money for the DesÉquilibres organization, which sets up sport activities for at-risk youth with the goal of helping them develop important social and personal skills that are going to be useful in their life. 

This past January, the AEPhUL (Association des Étudiant(e)s en Physiothérapie de l'Université Laval) held their annual blood drive in partnership with Hema-Québec and almost reached their goal of 135 blood donations.

Up next, we usually have 10 students participate in the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie relay race of about 250km between Montreal and Quebec that raises money for the Pierre Lavoie Foundation. That money goes towards research on hereditary orphan diseases.



University of Saskatchewan

The second years at the U of S have been busy with their placements throughout Saskatchewan since Christmas, while the first years have been busy with classes. One of these classes has us working with local organizations to develop a brochure to show the value of PT and how we can bridge some of the gaps between these organizations and our profession. Upcoming events include the women's health day callenge, as well as a women's pamper night at the SWITCH (Student Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health) clinic in Saskatoon.



University of Alberta (Calgary) 

Physiotherapy students at the University of Alberta (Calgary) are currently participating in the Valentine's Day Challenge. They are also planning a dodgeball tournament to raise money for the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada that will take place in March.



Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Salut chers étudiants en physiothérapie du Canada,

J’espère que vous allez bien et commencez bien l’année 2017! 

En ce début de session à l’UQAC, nous avons participé au défi Plasmavie avec les étudiants de médecine, compétitio

n ayant pour but de faire le plus de dons de plasma possibles par association. Le plasma récolté servira à confectionner de nombreux médicaments. Cette cause nous tient cœur car nos banques de plasma sont malheureusement insuffisantes au Québec. Nous avons donc été nombreux à y participer. 

Une autre belle activité qui a mis du piquant dans nos vies en ce mois de janvier a été la participation aux Jeux Ergo-Physio qui se déroulaient à Sherbrooke cette année! Cela a été une très belle fin de semaine mouvementée pour les participants. Au menu, il y avait des défis et plusieurs sports au menu! La délégation de l’UQAC s'est distinguée en terminant en 1è position pour les défis du samedi; en 3è position pour la vidéo, le génie en herbe et les sports, ce qui lui a valu la 3è position au total. Nous avons aussi reçu le prix Roxanne Boisvert, prix coup de cœur! ☺ 

Pour le reste de la session, nous prévoyons un souper conférence et une formation de taping. Il y aura aussi un souper vin et fromage pour passer une soirée chic entre étudiants de physiothérapie, une sortie à la cabane à sucre, 2 partys et, nous participerons aussi au festival étudiant de l’UQAC!

À bientôt pour d’autres histoires et au plaisir de vous lire! 


English version 

Dear Canadian physiotherapy students,

I hope you are doing well and began 2017 on the right foot!

To start off our semester at UQAC, we participated in the challenge “Plasmavie” against UQAC’s medical students. The goal was to collect the most plasma donations. The plasma is used to manufacture medication for people with a deficient immune system, and for many other diseases. This cause is very close to our heart because our plasma banks are insufficient in Quebec; many of us were involved. 

Another activity that spiced up our lives in January was our participation in the OTPT Games that took place at Sherbrooke this year. It was a fun and eventful weekend for the participants. UQAC’s delegation stood out and took first place in Saturday’s challenges and third place for the video, budding geniuses competition, and sports. Overall, UQAC finished third at the Games. Moreover, we received the Roxanne Boisvert prize, given to everyone’s favorite team!

For the rest of the session, we are planning a conference dinner and taping training. There will also be a fancy wine and cheese supper for physiotherapy students, an excursion to the sugar shack, two parties, and the student festival of UQAC!

See you soon with more stories and looking forward to hearing from you! 



University of Western Ontario 


To celebrate National Physiotherapy Month, Western's OPA student reps planned a yoga, Tai Chi, movement, and kickboxing class taught by qualified classmates and professors. Because we learned about the therapeutic effects of these activities in the classroom, it was an incredible opportunity to gain first-hand experience of their benefits and to share our backgrounds in fitness.

We ended PT month with a mini-conference wherein practicing PTs from London came to speak about leadership endeavors in which they are involved. Refreshments were generously donated by the OPA and prizes were won. Hot topics sparked discussion among students and PTs from across the city and settings . We hope to host similar nights like these to keep the cogwheels of our PT brains running, sharing, building, and challenging ideas to move our profession forwads.




Dalhousie University 

After a fantastic holiday season, the physiotherapy students of Dalhousie have jumped back into learning with enthusiasm. It's been a crazy first few weeks back for our first-year students as they learn the essentials they'll need for placements in the spring. While they have their noses stuck in the books, our second years are on their neurological placements across the country and beyond. While most are representing Dalhousie in the Atlantic provinces, others have ventured to Ontario, British Columbia, and as far as Guyana. 

Even with our students currently separated, both years are planning a special event. We are currently organizing our Valentine's Day Challenge again this year running from February 13th- 24th. With the support of student, faculty, and staff we will be collecting donations to support Adsum, a local program that provides temporary assistance to women, children, and female youth in times of need.  We are proud to help those who are in need and are looking forward to this challenge.