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The Objectives of the GHD Global Health Blog are:

  • To serve as a public engagement tool, to inform and inspire a diverse readership (peers, practitioners, professors, etc.) about your global health experience.

  • To help students and clinicians communicate with each other and share their knowledge and experiences online.

  • To build a knowledge base from physiotherapy students, clinical instructors, clinicians, partners and others' experiences.

  • To discuss some of the ethical issues or challenges associated with global health experiences.

  • Contribute to our new series "Where you sit is where you stand." Check out our writing guidelines for this project

  • Interested in writing for the GHD Blog on a different topic? Check out our blog guidelines or email us.

Volunteering with Canadian Humanitarian: Malawi & Ethiopia

Week One   I was fortunate to be able to spend two weeks furing August 2019 volunteering in Africa for the NGO Canadian Humanitarian. Their main mandate is to provide educational funds and support through after school programs (meals, tutoring, clubs, showers, clothing, etc.). They also support health care for very poor children and...

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Finding Global Health Opportunities North of 60

When the phrase "global health physiotherapy" comes up in conversation, it typically stirs images of working far away from home in some exotic locale. Rarely does one think of tundra, mountains, and more moose than people! But Canada is a vast country and physiotherapy practice in the North draws some interesting parallels to traditional...

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Congress Reflections

Excited about attending Congress Montreal18 next month? So are we! Read below for some of our Executive Team's top tips on how to make this Congress a success! "Congress is an excellent opportunity for networking with like-minded colleagues, especially in the field of Global Health. You never know who you will meet or how these new...

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Physiotherapy Study and Practice in Ethiopia

Have you ever wondered what physiotherapy practice is like in a developing country in Africa? It's not an easy thing to picture. I'm here to share what it's like to be a physiotherapy student in Ethiopia. I think you'll agree with me when I say that Ethiopia has undergone some incremental changes of the...

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Seizing Educational Opportunity

I have met many students interested in “global health,” and most are unsure what they could do to advance their understanding of this field. During my time as a student I was fortunate to have a variety of experiences, which included...

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