PTA Day was celebrated across Canada on Friday, May 8, 2020

Celebrating National Physiotherapy Month in May 
by Sharing Real COVID-19 Related Stories from Physiotherapists Across Canada

As we all navigate this unpredictable time, the CPA wanted to highlight some of the positive outcomes in the care provided through the COVID-19 outbreak in a variety of settings. We have asked physiotherapists from across the country to share some of their success stories to shed some much-needed light on how the practice of physiotherapy and physiotherapists themselves have helped patients across Canada. To mark the occasion of National Physiotherapy Month in May, the CPA is celebrating your successes with you.

Story no. 1 - Adaptability and Post-Operative Care - Nadir Mawji, RPT MSc(PT), BSc(Kin)

Story no. 2 - Baby Torticollis - Vanessa Kéroack

Story no. 3 - Voluntary Redeployment to the COVID-19 Housing Ward - Sarah Mawhinney

Story no. 4 - Seeing Patients Gain Greater Self-Efficiency - Alishah Merchant

Story no. 5 - Stroke Rehab in Nova Scotia - Susan Ehler, PT

Story no. 6 - How Past Experience Prepared Me for this Pandemic - Charn Painter

Story no. 7 - Tele-Rehab in Rural Saskatchewan - Haylie Lashta, BScKin, MPT

Story no. 8 - Making Seniors' Days More Pleasant - Samuel Trottier-Lapointe

Story no. 9 - Physiotherapists Working Close with Hospital Staff for Patient Mobility - Julie Valiquette, BSc PT, MSc dev. org.

Story no. 10 - Physiotherapy for Medical Staff - Jane Nastasiuk, PT

Story no. 11 - Success in Online Sessions - Anne Tulloch

Story no. 12 - Breathing Easy with Physiotherapy - Jenna Howie, MSc PT

Story no. 13 - The Delusional Turkey - Lessons Learned from a Pandemic - Uday Emani, PT, MCISc, DSc, FCAMPT

Story no. 14 - Leading with Compassion - Bruyère Continuing Care

Story no. 15 - What Does Physiotherapy Mean to Me? - Jonah Blatt, PT