The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) is launching a project designed to identify ways to better support and advocate for members who are experiencing issues with extended health benefits providers, including delisting, a reduction in claims coverage, and the introduction of preferred provider networks.

For many years, the CPA has been hearing concerns from members about the relationship between extended health care benefits providers and physiotherapists. We have heard about denials of legitimate claims, delisting of physiotherapists and clinics, the negative impact of preferred provider lists, and, more recently, about the growing business disruption by on-line services and apps that connect patients and clients with health care providers chosen by insurers.

Each of these aspects of the relationship between insurers and the physiotherapy community has the potential to have an impact on patient care, as well as on physiotherapy practice. Limitations on extended health benefits can cause patients to leave care early or seek potentially detrimental changes to their care plans. Insurance company decisions can impair patient choice by requiring patients to leave trusted physiotherapists to seek care elsewhere in order to have the costs covered. And actions by insurers can have an effect on a physiotherapist’s professional reputation, their employability, and their income.  

Understanding the Issue

The breadth and details of the impact aren’t certain and the CPA is launching this project to gather information from the private practice community to explore in detail the extent of the problem and to identify trends, where they exist. You can participate by taking part in this confidential survey or participating in a focus group or webinar. We will also be meeting with the Branches and the regulatory colleges to ensure we have the full picture.

Next Steps

Once we have fully scoped out the problem, we will work with the Branches and other stakeholders to identify an action plan to address the problems we identify and assist physiotherapists and patients to get the best possible results in all of their interactions with insurers.

How to Participate

Fill in the survey here. The more details you provide, the better our fact gathering will be, so please set aside about half an hour to complete it. If you have experience with extended health benefits claims, whether good or bad, your information will be helpful. The survey will close at 11:59 PM EST on February 28, 2021.

The survey is anonymous. Any information collected by the CPA, or by those working on its behalf, will be kept confidential. Reports will make it a priority to protect the privacy of anyone who provides information.

Express your interest in participating in a focus group discussion here.

Each focus groups will have a maximum of 15 participants. They will not be anonymous, although you are welcome to provide a pseudonym if you prefer. They will not be recorded and the information collected during the conversations will be reported on an anonymous basis.

A webinar may be conducted in lieu of a focus group if interest exceeds capacity to manage through focus groups. If a webinar is conducted, participants’ comments and input will be recorded and reported on an anonymous basis.


If you have questions or concerns about this project, please reach out to