Check this video of the clinic to learn more about us!

The Job:
Full or Part-time private practice physio. Experience preferred, but what about new grads? Yes, please! Organized, supportive mentorship program available.

The Clinic:
Pinpoint is a modern, spacious, and well-equipped clinic with private treatment rooms. Focused on one-on-one treatment, we do 45-minute assessments and 30-minute follow-ups. No bouncing between patients. Robust and friendly admin support allow you to focus all your energy on your patients. Are you cleaning your own rooms? No, you are not.

The Team:
We are diverse. Our staff are triathletes, skiers, runners, moms & dads, engineers, Whitewater kayakers, mountain bikers, and space scientists. We have inquisitive minds and empathetic hearts. Our on-site physiotherapist owner is engaged, approachable, knowledgeable, transparent, and supportive.

Our Community:
Our clinic is fully integrated into the local medical community providing you with an incredible referral network. And being located in the heart of Nanaimo means our client base consists primarily of motivated, educated, active clients. Want to check out Vancouver Island? Now’s your chance.

The Pay:
Generous fee split, signing bonus, and annual education allowance. Full employee status. Our physios are amongst the highest compensated in Nanaimo. Period.

For employment details including signing bonus and annual education amount check out this link.

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