To mark the National Physiotherapy Month, I would like to share our story; the story of a group of compassionate Allied Health Professionals, including physiotherapists, as well as support staff such as rehabilitation assistants from Bruyère Continuing Care.

We stepped forward and agreed to deploy to assist in caring for residents in long-term care at Residence Saint Louis. The deployment started on May 1, 2020. Although a coincidence, what a great way of showing leadership stepping into the National Physiotherapy Month!

We assumed a new role as personal support workers in the attempt to alleviate the staff shortage resulted following the provincial order requiring long-term care workers to limit their employment to one long-term care home. We volunteered to help in a facility where a COVID-19 outbreak had been declared.

In our personal support worker role, we are helping in a variety of tasks to assist residents. We are assisting with transfers, feeding, serving meals and snacks, and providing social visits, just to name a few. Most importantly, we make great use of our competencies. We act as Infection Prevention and Control champions and role models to ensure a safe working environment. We make proof of professionalism by having embraced social responsibility as a health professional. Last, but not least, we participate in shared leadership.

Physiotherapists quickly adapted and responded “present” where the health care system is currently most affected.

TOGETHER. Making each life better.