Physiotherapists have many faces. They are researchers, CEOs, hospital administrators, business owners and practitioners. For NPM 2019, two posters were created building on this theme and promoted through our social media channels, 14 specialty divisions, and branch members.

The two posters were created for download, in two different sizes, in both English and French. These, and two printed copies, were available free of charge.

Physiotherapy is...
Making a difference

Can you spot
the physiotherapist?



Testimonials were shared online, and this one, from a long-time CPA member, was received in the early days of the campaign:


"Love this poster! As a hospital and academic administrator for the past 19 years, and a PT, thank

you for this poster! I am proudly a full-fledged PT, even though I haven't bent an elbow in years ;)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"    - Tanya Dutton, Halifax, NS


Toolkit of Resources

Resources from our provincial Branches and special interest and clinical practice Divisions were submitted to share with members, future/non-members, and others. Some content was for CPA Division members only and log in was required.

Social Media Campaign

As with other years, CPA created a robust social media campaign to promote and raise awareness of physiotherapy. This year, we took advantage of our recent Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada award winners, and our professional development opportunities through our PD Marketplace. About 7,500 visits to the NPM page and nearly 5,000 combined poster downloads! We also had a total reach of about 123,000 people for our NPM posts on our social media channels.

Two hashtags, #PhysioCanNPM and #NPM2019, were used consistently in our promotions and by others sharing their own content.

Click here to see the full campaign.


CPA staff celebrated the success of the campaign with cake (of course!) and a lunchtime fundraising event for PFC.



Special thanks to our sponsor, who made it possible to share our campaign

with members and other practitioners.