Patient-Centred: care that is developed in partnership with patients, that is respectful and responsive to individual patient needs, values, and preferences.


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Trisha Parsons, PT, PHD, Associate Professor, Queen’s University, AMS Phoenix Fellow, CPA Member 1996

"When I was first asked to write about patient-centered care. I thought of this story to tell: After the birth of my first son, I was in hospital for an unprecedented six days post-delivery. Suffice it to say, I had a number of complications.

He was born a week before Christmas, and I quickly recognized that this meant we would experience a continual turnover in staff, many of whom were not native to the obstetric floor. Every eight hours, there was a new nurse to greet me..." Read more

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Roadmap for patient and family engagement (4:57 minutes)

Patient & Family Centered Care: Moments that Make all the Difference (4:51 minutes)

Don Berwick - What Patient Centred Care Really Means (3:05 minutes)

Journal Articles                           

What Influences Patient-Therapist Interactions in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy? Qualitative Systematic Review and Meta-Synthesis.

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