A number of developments on the ongoing PCE delays have been circulated since we issued our latest statement: Calling for Transparency, Accountability and Equity for PCE Candidates.

  1. The Canadian Alliance for Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) has begun sharing its weekly updates: https://www.alliancept.org/whats-new/announcement/
  2. The CAPR has shared its ‘Complete Project Plan’ for the PCE intended to run in late August/early September: https://www.alliancept.org/announcement/clinical-component-update-week-of-may-31-2021/
  3. The Canadian Council of Physiotherapy University Programs (CCPUP) has issued a statement: https://www.physiotherapyeducation.ca/news.php
  4. The College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia has pursued expedited bylaw amendments with the BC Ministry of Health to support clinical evaluation without waiting for the PCE later in 2021: https://cptbc.org/2021/05/03/notification-of-bylaw-amendments-section-43-1-b-and-schedule-d/
  5. The Council of Physiotherapy Alberta, at their May 10th meeting, approved the Post-Graduate 2021 Clinical Evaluation as a temporary alternate clinical competency examination to fulfill registration requirements in lieu of the clinical component of the PCE: https://www.physiotherapyalberta.ca/pce_exam_cancellation#pce_update_may_14
  6. The National Physiotherapy Advisory Group (CCPUP, CAPR, Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada and CPA) met on May 31st.
  7. The Medical Council of Canada suspended their virtual delivery of the MCCQE Part II: https://mcc.ca/news/mcc-suspends-delivery-of-mccqe-part-ii/

We’re committed to adding value in our interactions on this issue and are thoughtfully considering all of the recent updates, statements, our interactions with our stakeholders, and more as we carefully navigate this issue. We will be sharing a wholesome statement, considering all of these moving pieces, reflecting on our recent and ongoing advocacy actions, and considering stakeholder input as soon as possible.