CAPR has just confirmed that the online PCE exams have been cancelled for a fourth time. This is deeply distressing. It places an unimaginable burden on candidates, is embarrassing for the profession, and limits health care access for Canadians.

Candidates, in particular, have put their lives on hold as they wait to become licensed and for many, that has meant significant stress and mental anguish. If you are experiencing distress and require support, there are free, confidential and 24/7 resources immediately available to you:

We want to be absolutely clear -- responsibility for the solution and the power to enact it -- rests solely with the 11 regulators. For almost two years, the CPA and our provincial and territorial Branches have been advocating for and offered to help find alternate, expedited paths to full registration.

Now is the time to act.

We know that it’s possible. Regulators in BC, Alberta, New Brunswick and Quebec have implemented interim solutions that have allowed some candidates to be fully registered. We call on others to follow their lead and get these candidates licensed.

We also call on CAPR to return all exam fees to affected students by the end of this week.  The 3000 candidates who will now have to bear the personal and professional impacts of CAPR’s failure to live up to its responsibilities, should not be expected to bear the financial costs of its failure as well.

We will continue to work on your behalf and push for a solution. We will provide updates as information becomes available.