30% Discount for Candidates with Exam Cancellations

As we reaffirm our commitment to candidates, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association is presenting a new offer to support those affected by the PCE cancellation.

The CPA is offering a 30% discount on Practising A or Practising B national membership fees* for all candidate members** whose practical exams have been postponed/cancelled.

To get this discount applied to your membership renewal or if you’ve already renewed for the upcoming membership year as a Practising A or B member and are eligible for this discount, please contact the CPA Member Services at information@physiotherapy.ca and provide;

  • proof from CAPR displaying your rescheduled exam date and/or cancellation and;
  • documentation showing the month and year of your graduation.

Note that, if you have already renewed your membership, we will refund and re-process your order with the discount, if you get in touch with us.


*Discount applies to CPA’s Practising A or Practising B national membership fee for the upcoming membership year (October 1, 2021 - September 31, 2022) only. Discount does not apply to branch membership fees, division membership fees or professional liability insurance fees.

** Current candidates with a membership expiring September 30, 2021.