I'm honored to send our pandemic story, on behalf of the physiotherapists working at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, to illustrate the great work of this team in adapting to a new clinical reality. This team has regrouped and come together to remain implicated, on both inpatient and outpatient services. They have stepped up to the challenge and are going above and beyond to help patients on their road to recovery. This team truly deserves to be honored and celebrated. 

Physiotherapists have always been an integral part of acute care interdisciplinary teams. Although a lot has changed over the past few months (starting with the personal protective equipment we need to wear just to enter our wards!), physiotherapists have remained important care providers to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our input remains essential for assessing and treating patients with physical sequelae in context of COVID19, and for planning safe discharges from the hospital. Jointly, with our occupational therapy and social services colleagues, we essentially screen every hospitalized COVID+ patient, to prevent any potential functional decline or to foresee and manage a complex discharge.

We continue to work closely with our physician, nursing, clinical nutrition, and PAB colleagues for the betterment of our patients. We are intervening to help our patients regain their mobility and functionality as they recover from COVID-19. We also continue to work with our interdisciplinary teams and provide early rehabilitation for patients hospitalized for reasons other than COVID-19. 

Our physiotherapists also arrange essential appointments to provide care for ambulatory patients with urgent needs and reach out to others using tele-rehabilitation to deliver services. Teamwork is more vital than ever, and physiotherapists in acute care continue to be key players on this team.

Thank you to all physiotherapists for the work that we do!

Julie Valiquette, BSc PT, MSc dev. org.
Assistant Chief
Jewish General Hospital Physiotherapy Department
CIUSSS Centre-Ouest de l'Île de Montréal

514-340-8222 Ext. 25892

Website: ciussswestcentral.ca