I am a PT working in private practice. A former client called the clinic as she was having difficulty with using her wrist. She awoke and couldn't move it. She works as a PSW at the hospital and already lost one day of work. She had been in touch with her family doctor, who had recommended anti-inflammatory medication and a brace. The medication was helping a little, but she could not really use a brace due to the amount of hand washing required.

As I had seen her before, I knew how she tended to move and how she responded to stress. We discussed her body mechanics to help her shift her weight to her larger muscle groups on her other side so that she could share the load through her muscle system as a unit. We also reviewed her understanding of the stress response and strategies to assist with this, as well as pacing and light ROM for recovery.

We followed up the following week and she had improved significantly! She was able to do her work at the hospital with pacing and pain management strategies, and felt confident she could continue with healing the rest of the way independently.

So, with two phone calls, this client was able to stay at work, minimize medication, and use general health strategies for overall well-being during the pandemic.

Might be useful for lobbying.

Jane Nastasiuk, PT

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