Be Part of the #PPDNation and Join the Private Practice Division When You Renew Your Membership!

Hey #PPDNation - @PhysioKarim here, your PPD Chair!

The next several months will be pivotal for everyone. And I know that taking on this leadership position was to help our profession champion Corona and become even more badass than ever!

During COVID-19, our social channels were lit with breaking news, tax relief programs, and virtual care training tools. Coast to coast, we hosted COVID-19 crisis webinars, tactical, and info sharing sessions. We also helped facilitate letters to the government and helped rally individuals and clinic owners across Canada.

We are ready to take on the second, third, and fourth waves! But we need your help.

Make sure you’re part of the Private Practice Division.

Over the last several months, people have asked how to become a member. This is the time – when you renew your CPA membership, make sure you are part of the #PPDNation by selecting the Private Practice Division. The bigger the PPD Family, the bigger the impact!

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Get Involved With Us as an Executive Member

We believe that COVID-19 highlighted the need for our profession to grow out of its old ways and into the real change it needed. We believe that in order to survive competing forces to our profession, we need to do things differently. We believe in diversity; we believe in progress; we believe in breaking the mold to create new masterpieces. We believe our profession has the change makers within it, but they haven’t had the position or platform to demonstrate their elements of genius.

We have lofty goals for our profession. With that, we are currently opening up a few Executive positions for those who are as passionate as we are. Here’s a look at the positions currently available:

  1. Communications Guru – We are looking for a tech savvy PT who is ready to help create and curate cutting edge e-blasts, memorable social media posts, and website content with some edge. If your side hustle is a Wordpress wizard, we need to talk!
  2. Member Perks Exec – We are currently working with several companies to give back to our PPD Familia like no other Division. So, we are looking for a PT who believes in creating strategic partnerships with influential companies to deliver 10x value to our PPD Family.
  3. Webinar Wonder Wizard – Each week, we get influencers in the health and wellness space who want to elevate the game of physios across Canada. This influential PPD Executive member will be the point person for education webinars.

Interested in joining the Executive Team? Let’s start the convo to becoming your best self and better the profession.

  1. Send us a one-minute selfie video of why you think you would be amazing at one of these positions.
  2. Or, if you’re camera shy, send us the traditional stuff (resume, etc.).

On Instagram or Facebook at @cpaprivatepractice, or at

Chat soon,