Dr. Alain Yvan Bélanger, BSc, MSc, PhD, PT

Full Professor, Laval University (Retired)

CPA Past President (1997-99)

CPA and PFC Board Directors (2017 - present)


Alain Bélanger graduated in 1973 with a bachelor degree in physiotherapy from the University of Montreal. In 1976 Alain was a master’s degree student, in kinesiology, from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He was young and bright, ready to make his mark in the world as a physiotherapist, and as a researcher.
It was during this pivotal time in his career that Alain received a Constance Beattie Memorial bursary from the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada, the foundation arm of the CPA.  Alain still remembers – more than 40 years later – how this bursary was a catalyst for him. It meant a lot that he was supported by his profession, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. “That’s something that has always stayed with me,” explains Alain.

The connection to CPA and to their support stayed with Alain during his years as a professional. He served as president of the CPA from 1997-1999, all while managing his academic career and his family. He has been involved in all aspects of the Constance Beattie Memorial Bursary: as a recipient, as the Chair of the Scientific Awards Committee and now, as a member of the CPA board and the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada board.

To the generous donors who give every year to physiotherapy research, bursaries and scholarships, Alain would like to thank them for their continued support.

Receiving the Constance Beattie bursary helped me connect with my profession. The PFC stepped up to support me when I needed help to grow my career. I will never forget this.

Yes, I want to support physiotherapists!