The National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly (NPAA) of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association is currently recruiting members to join its Administrative Council!

The Council is made up of:


President-Elect: moves into the President role in their second year on the Council.

Regional Representatives:

    •  British Columbia & Yukon

    •  Alberta & North West Territories

    •  Saskatchewan

    •  Manitoba & Nunavut

    •  Ontario (3 representatives)

    •  Atlantic Provinces  

What does a Council rep do?

Members of the NPAA Council meet for a one-hour teleconference bi-monthly.  Activities that NPAA representatives might be involved with include:

•  Representing PTA concerns generally or from their specific region to the Administrative


•  Providing communication from the Council to the PTA and student members in their regions.

•  Fostering support for and involvement in opportunities provided by the NPAA.

•  Participating in activities and projects initiated by the Administrative Council.

•  Submitting report to the Administrative Council two weeks prior to each meeting of the


•  Ensuring communications are sent to the Secretary by the required deadlines.

•  Assisting with the CPA Membership Recruitment campaigns at their schools. Materials

     are provided to assist with this process.

•  Co-ordinating membership recruitment within their regions.

•  Abiding by the CPA Bylaws and Rules & Regulations, and the NPAA Constitution in their

     activities as Representatives.

Participation in the NPAA Council offers physiotherapist assistants & physiotherapist assistants students:

•  Promote the PTA profession within the physiotherapy industry, by becoming involved with

     NPAA & CPA projects and being a spokesperson on behalf of your profession.

•  A chance to develop leadership skills, learn more about professional issues and become

     actively involved in Association activities.

•  Opportunities to network with offers physiotherapist assistants & physiotherapist assistants

     students across the country.

•  Opportunities to get to know leaders in the profession such as your provincial branch board


•  A great addition to your resumé!

Benefits of NPAA Membership

Download here: Benefits of NPAA Membership

Members of the National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly (NPAA) enjoy a broad range of member benefits including the value of an instant professional network across Canada, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your practice and professional reputation are protected by adequate malpractice errors and omissions insurance, and meaningful opportunities to shape the development and growth of the physiotherapy profession in Canada.


The NPAA has vacancies available in the following provinces:

  • Alberta & North West Territories
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba & Nunavut
  • Ontario (2 representatives)
  • Atlantic Provinces

If you are interested in becoming a Council Representative, please contact Amy Stacey, NPAA President, or Allison Biewald, Engagement Specialist, at the CPA National Office.