Developped by Cecile Röst and Susannah Britnell

It can be really difficult to roll over in bed when pregnant or postpartum, especially when experiencing pelvic girdle pain (PGP). This rolling technique is so easy to teach and enables women to roll over with much less pain and much more ease, even before any other treatment has been started!


  • turn to the left, lie on back, bend right knee with foot on bed- rest right arm across body and look to left
  • press right foot into the bed and squeeze  the buttock- this will support the right sacro-iliac joint as you turn
  • use this buttock squeeze and pressure through foot to start and continue the roll, keeping your pelvis down on the bed as you roll
  • turn from side to back, lift top knee up keeping foot on bed, roll to back keep legs apart


  • use momentum to “fling” yourself over
  • lift buttocks up or lead with your knee
  • reach, pull or push with arms or do partial sit up to turn body

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