REP 6 - Into the prevention sphere

March 6, 2017
Being out of school for just over three years, I consider myself to be a young physiotherapist. To this day, I still remember how excited I was to talk about prevention during our community health unit at McMaster University. I should have recognized right then that it was going to become a passi...
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REP 20 - On making the call: ethics in practice

March 20, 2017
When interviewing regulators and branch leaders about fraud, abuse and waste, we kept hearing the same two messages:  1. Things go wrong when people put their needs ahead of those of their patients 2. As a self-regulating profession, we have to call each other out for bad behaviour. Physiotherap...
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REP 27 - Push for the use of modalities

March 27, 2017
As a new graduate, I found work at a private practice clinic with a mentor – a physiotherapist with over 20 years of practice experience, who we will call Jenny.  We would regularly review my charts and discuss how I could improve my assessments and treatments. I greatly appreciated our meetings ...
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