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Meet your 2016-2017 Leadership Executive! Joe Putos
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Chair-elect   Emma Plater Newsletter Editor   Kinjal Parikh Assistant Newsletter Editor   Megan Hudson Treasurer   Sunny Ma Secretary
  Swapnil Rege Resource Rep, Strategic Planning   Vacant
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The CPA’s special interest and clinical practice Divisions offer
significant value-added benefits to members. Acupuncture Animal Rehab Cardiorespiratory Global Health Leadership Neurosciences Oncology Orthopaedic Paediatric Pain Science Private Practice ...
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August 13, 2015
If you don’t use Twitter, CPA’s Senior Practice Manager Chantal Lauzon empathizes with you. She had “no interest” in being a part of a social media platform where celebrity updates and a seemingly infinite stream of information is the norm. But in early February, she changed her mind. I sat down ...
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An Olympic-level contribution: Greg Redman shares what it's like to support elite athletes

July 14, 2016
What’s your physio story? I grew up in South Africa. When I was 11, I started my own lawn cutting business. One of my five clients was a physiotherapist who treated all of the top rugby players and athletes in the country. I remember thinking, “That’s not really a job, she’s just lucky to do that...
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Muscle Tension Dysphonia: Physiotherapy May Help Ease Tension in Voice Disorders

June 16, 2016
*/ Jaime Angus, BMR (PT) & Lisa Mills-Hutton, B.Comm(Hons), BMR (PT) Physiotherapists at Donna Sarna Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in Winnipeg, Manitoba   “One day, you’re a high school English teacher, and then you get laryngitis and lose your voice for two weeks. The laryngitis is go...
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