Membership The CPA’s membership is a national community of 16,000 physiotherapists, physiotherapist assistants and physiotherapy technologists, representing clinicians, students, academia, business owners, and researchers from all areas of practice. Membership in the CPA grants you access to a n...
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Membership Types

Physiotherapist Membership For physiotherapists licensed to practice in Canada and/or holding a professional degree in physiotherapy from a Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada university program. For Practising Clinicians: Practising A You are working full-time as a physiotherapist (i...
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Student Benefits

As students, you get free membership to CPA. Alongside our Branches and Divisions, CPA provides you student-tailored benefits: Free Division Membership, Awards and Research, Congress Bursaries, and Good to know. 
  Free Division Membership One of the biggest decisions of your career in phy...
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