Safe: care that reduces risk of unintended harm to patients as a result of physiotherapy services.  Here’s Why Patient Safety is Important Sandi N. Kossey, PT, BScPT, MHA, Senior Director, Canadian Patient Safety Institute CPA Leadership Division Executive Committee Member since 2014, CPA Member...
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Quality Physiotherapy Toolkit

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based profession that evaluates and evolves practice using the latest scientific data. These strengths will allow us to meet the needs of increasing demand, changing demographics, and an evolving health system. Our ongoing attention to our strengths means that our pro...
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Patients No Longer Expect Good Physiotherapy

June 28, 2017
Many of us spend hours looking for ways to improve the quality of care we provide.  We know the best way to determine client satisfaction is to ask our clients what they think of our service- but how do we ensure we are getting the right information from the right questions? The answer is easy- a...
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